Review Policy

First of all I want to thank you for your interest! And thanks to all who support me!

Well I never thought I would put something like this in my blog,
 but like everything always have to have some kind of regulation does not?
 and the second life has, bloggers and creators also have! 
And I saw the right to write some things! But it's nothing too serious ..
* Just do not send me items of nothing, leave me a message tell me what comes, 
what you sell .. sending the link to shop the marketplace if you have too!
 Or any information that encourages and facilitates .. as promotions, fairs .. 
anything! PLEASE, I will reject items which do not have any information!
*And I can take time, but I promise I try to post everything,
 sometimes I get many things at once .. so please be patient .. Sorry for delay!

* When you send me a pack of skins, or various colors of clothes, shoes!
I will not post them all, I will post the colors match the look as a whole!
 In other words I like to assemble outfits instead of posting lots 
of pictures with all possible colors!

Do not hesitate to find me, send me IM ..
 or notecard! For Antonia Millar
My other social networks are in the blog entry where you can also reach me!

Reading all this, welcome *-*
(ahh sorry my bad english .. ;p)
Thank you!