9 de nov de 2011

Home .. my home!

How about a ride home, super cute! and even without spending much? saying almost nothing to spend!
Que tal montar uma casa, super cute!! e ainda sem gastar muito? bem dizendo gastar quase nada!

Let's go shopping then?? \o/
Vamos as compras então?? \o/ 

Home/Casa  - Pink and Pretty Hunt #31 Aphrodite Megastore and Coffeehouse 0L - Here
Planta/Plant Teapot Plant - LIPS Bazaar 1L - Here  
Blanço/Swing - {what next} Autumn Porch Swing (no motion) no free - Here
Bicicleta/Bicycle  {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop no free - Here
Banquinho/Stool Zigana [ Painted stool .calm ] .Boxed no free - Here

Cortinas/Curtains - nordari. / lovely curtains. 0L - Here 
Vaso branco/White vase - lonesome.bird 0L - Here
Saco com coração/ Bag with heart - *ChiChi's Pocket* Valentines day bag 0L - Here
Caixa com LP's/ Box eith LP's - LP's Collection Flightcase "Stray Cats" 1L - Here
Cerveja/Bear 0L - Here 
Quadros/Frames - {what next} 0L - Here
:: PM :: Vintage Voyager  Bag in Pink (TTB past) 
Puffe/Pouf 1(free past) - Here 
Tv - {T}-Mine Mini Tv (free past) - Here
Cinzeiro com cigarros/ Ashtray Set - no free - Here
Caixas/Boxes EC - Recycle-Wood Case 0L -Here
Mannequin - {what next} Paperdoll Mannequin *store gift* 0L - Here 
Abajur bule/Teapot Lamp - Spotty Teapot Lamp - Touch on/off 0L - Here
Telefone/Phone - Vintage Black Phone 0L - Here
Sofa - ::PopArt:: Dash sofa 1L - Here 
Quadro/Frame -  ::PopArt:: paint 1L - Here
Quadro para fotos/Photo Cork Board - =CDP= Photo Cork Board "Highlight" 1L - Here
LISP - Urban Graffiti Print Girl 
LISP - Funky Lispette Record Unit - touch cushion for tex/sits
LISP - Urchin Speakers - Dark Wood 
LISP - Retro Urchin Rug - Texture change 
LISP - Vinyl LP Seat 2 - Sit for menu
LISP - Vinyl LP with sits - sit for menu - no free
everything here: COLLABOR88

Gabinete/ Cabinet of Light Table 10L
Rosa vermelha / Single Red Rose in Vase 1L
Livro aberto/open book 1L - everything Here

Quarto/Room - Cube: Lil Suri Bedroom Entire SET 10L - Here 
Cesta/Baskets - Vent du sud baskets - Linen basket 1L - Here 
Gatcha - Book Birdy (free past)
Tapete/Rug LISP - Retro Urchin Rug - Texture change - no free - Here